Interior Gallery

The interior of Can Frare is a mix of traditional and modern convenience; the house has high ceilings and wooden beams, terracotta and original tiles, and huge thick stone walls. The house is designed to allow natural airflow, offering coolness in the heat of the day.
interior designer ibiza beams style living room
Interior Designer Ibiza Beams Style Living Room
authentic luxury interior designed finca bedroom
Authentic Luxury Interior Designed Finca Bedroom
stylish ibizan finca authentic modern living room
Stylish Ibizan Finca Authentic Modern Living Room
rustic kitchen breakfast area ibiza
Rustic Kitchen Breakfast Area
lovingly restored bedroom ibiza
Lovingly Restored Bedroom
luxury historic bathroom ibiza
Luxury Historic Bathroom
luxury studio can frare
Luxury Studio Can Frare
romantic ibiza
Romantic Ibiza
luxury designer bathroom can frare ibixa
Luxury Designer Bathroom
can frare smellies
Can Frare Smellies