Stand Up Paddleboards - SUP

Create your own unforgettable adventure when you take to the calm, clear waters off Ibiza with a Stand Up Paddle Board! Slow down, connect to your own breath and watch the spectacle of a sunrise or sunset from a long board!

SUP is becoming hugely popular in Ibiza – people just love the whole experience. SUP is a gentle cardio workout that helps draw attention to one’s posture, balance and breath. SUP is gentle on the body and joints, and you will feel fanatically clear after a few hours on the water!

The simplicity of being on a long board, self-propelled, in a calm manner, will absolutely draw you in. And on a SUP board, you can get really close to Ibiza’s marine birds, unlike on motor-powered boats.

ENjoy the water in Ibiza on a SUP

We absolutely love getting out onto the water, especially at sunrise. The ocean is calm; few people are about, and as the sun rises, it’s such a powerful start for a day. A morning session of SUP will make you absolutely shine for the rest of the day! It’s a morning meditation in motion & you won’t forget such a memorable experience!

Our other favourite time of day to jump on a Stand Up Paddle board is at sunset. At Can Frare Ibiza, we are only a few minute’s drive away from the West coast and we can quickly get out to sea for the daily spectacle of a sunset into the ocean. A sunset over the sea always is a thrill –  especially if you are actually standing on the water on a long board, feeling the gentle swell of the waves. A sunset is a significant passage of time, a transition period when day becomes night, and it’s a perfect moment for some quiet introspection and gratitude -and thats absolutely amazing on a SUP board. Sunset and a SUP board is a perfect combination!

Ibiza is the perfect place to try a Stand Up Paddle

We have 300 days of sunshine a year & the crystal clear warm waters simply draw you to the ocean. If you do lose your balance & fall in whilst on a SUP board or simply want to cool off, the waters here are an absolute pleasure to swim in, making this a safe and fun place for an amazing experience.

Can Frare Ibiza would be delighted to introduce you to experienced local SUP guides. Whether you start as an absolute beginner or an experienced SUP practitioner, our fantastic guides will help you all along the way to create your own unforgettable memories.