The History of Can Frare Ibiza

The same family has lived in Can Frare Ibiza, since the house was built, over 200 years ago. All of these photos on this page are former inhabitants of Can Frare.

Can Frare Ibiza is Listed as a House of Architectural Merit and is built from traditional materials such as sabina wood & thick stone walls, whitewashed with cal.

Traditionally, the inhabitants of the finca lived exclusively off this very land:

  • Using firewood from the forest behind the house.
  • Water from our natural well.
  • Cultivating olives, figs, oranges, lemons, vines.
  • Growing vegetables.
  • Keeping sheep, bees, goats, horses, and a pig.

All the land was cultivated by hand, with the help of horses for plowing. The variety of domestic livestock (which all needed shelter) and the need to store agricultural products, explains the large size of Can Frare – which is 400 square meters.

“El Torrent,” or the river system of the forest, drained into this land, making the ground of Can Frare Ibiza extremely fertile. As a result of this high productivity and fertility, Can Frare Ibiza grew as a sizeable farm, supporting the family from a variety of agricultural products.

Can Frare Ibiza has grown and currently grows a whole variety of crops and produce – a tradition we uphold today.

Can Frare Ibiza Traditional finca heritage

The name “Can Frare” translates as “The Monk’s House” and was given to the house several hundred years ago. The story goes that one of the children of the family was gravely ill. His parents swore an oath that if the boy survived, they would ensure that he would grow up to be a monk. The boy survived & the name, Can Frare, has remained ever since.

Can Frare Ibiza still has the original grain mill, which is now a second living room.

Can Frare Ibiza is being reconnected back to its past – we are putting our efforts into making the house agriculturally sustainable again.

History of Can Frare Ibiza Photographs

Ibiza A Ilha Branca

A film from the 1950s (in Spanish), showing Ibiza of yesteryear. When Ibiza was predominantly an isolated agricultural society, something which Toni’s ancestors would certainly have identified with.

Eivissa from Ibiza Freak on Vimeo.