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The History of Can Frare Ibiza

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The History of Can Frare Ibiza

For over two centuries, Can Frare Ibiza has been the cherished dwelling of a single family, The Prats family.

The level of work this family undertook, to create Can Frare, is incredible. The amount of work, especially in a pre industrial age, to build the house & cut the hundreds of terraces for agricultural use, was multi generational in its scale.

Toni Prats Prats is the latest of generations to have been brought up at Can Frare Ibiza. Toni is keen to maintain traditional techniques in the upkeep of this ancient old finca.

The story of Can Frare Ibiza’s former inhabitants is depicted through these family portraits:

In bygone times, the inhabitants of the finca forged their livelihood directly from the land, utilising firewood from the neighbouring forest, drawing water from a natural well, and cultivating an array of produce, including olives, figs, oranges, lemons and vegetables. The estate was also home to sheep, bees, goats, horses and pigs. With each piece of land meticulously cultivated by hand and horses utilised for ploughing, the necessity to shelter varied livestock and store agricultural products dictated the generous size of Can Frare, which spans 400 square meters.

El Torrent,’ the forest’s river system, funnelled into this land, endowing Can Frare Ibiza with incredible fertility. This fecundity enabled it to burgeon into a sizable farm that supported the family through an assortment of agricultural products and grew a diverse range of crops and produce, a tradition that is zealously upheld today.

Enshrouded in an enchanting tale, the name ‘Can Frare,’ or ‘The Monk’s House,’ was bestowed upon the house several centuries ago. The legend speaks of the family’s child, who lay gravely ill, and parents vowed to dedicate him to monastic life should he survive. Survive he did, and the name Can Frare has lingered ever since.

The estate, still harbouring the original grain mill, now repurposed into a second living room, entwines its rich past and vibrant present. Can Frare Ibiza is amidst a revival, as fervent efforts are invested in infusing the house with its historically agricultural essence once more, ensuring a sustainable future reflective of its past.


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