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Yoga Retreat Ibiza


Yoga Retreat Ibiza

Beautiful Ibiza is the perfect place for hosting a yoga
retreat throughout the year.

Can Frare Ibiza runs its own retreats, but also welcomes
visiting groups of students to come and host their own Yoga
retreat in Ibiza.

The island is blessed with the most favorable climate, with
sunshine 300 days a year and rainfall only on 45 days.

This means that Ibiza has 65% more average annual sunshine than northern cities like London, Amsterdam or Berlin. This island has 90% more sunshine annually than Dublin, Manchester or Edinburgh! Ibiza has a gorgeous wild coastline, which is always great to explore, either from the land or on the water. The interior of the island is stunningly beautiful as well, all year long.

Ibiza is obviously well known as a hedonistic party island and in the 4 months of high summer, we certainly draw the crowds. 65% of Ibiza’s annual visitors come in the 4 months of summer. In the 6 months between November & April, Ibiza receives about the same number of guests as we do, just in the month of August. This means Ibiza slows down dramatically away from the 4 months of high summer and this is the perfect time for yoga retreats. Out of high season, one can slow down and soak in the beauty and peace of the island, without the crowds. Once you try Ibiza between October and June, you won’t be disappointed by Ibiza’s natural beauty & the range of outdoor activities that are possible here all year, including:


The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea

Lots of personal space

The stars and the moon

Fresh organic produce

and plenty of yoga

These are the perfect ingredients for an amazing yoga retreat.

Ibizan Yoga Retreat

Our Luxury Villa in Ibiza, Can Frare Ibiza is a perfect venue to hold a yoga retreat in Ibiza, for up to 12 people. The traditional Ibizan farmhouse offers generous and luxurious accommodation for 12 guests. In the extensive grounds, we have several outdoor terraces, which are great for practising yoga, whether in full sun or in a shaded area. We also have a fully covered area to practice yoga for the times when it is raining or windy. The old grain milling room, with huge thick stone walls, works wonderfully as a meditation space for a group.

Our beautiful luxury villa is a historic old house, with a lot of character. It is well secluded, near the top of the wooden hill, but a short drive away from some of the most stunning parts of the west coast, such as Punta Galera. It is always easy to access nature from the house – either on the coast, for walking or swimming, or in the agricultural interior of the island.

We believe that good, wholesome, food is at the heart of a successful retreat. We work with leading vegetarian chefs on the island, such as to provide full or half board catering, as your group prefers, with delicious wholesome food. We always try to use locally sourced ingredients, such as from the local farmers market on Fridays, Cooperativa agrícola of San Antonio, supplemented with the produce from our own organic allotment.

Yoga Teacher in Ibiza

Yoga has been a passion of our in-house Yoga Teacher Lana Savic for almost 20 years now. She has maintained a daily practice for over a decade and believes passionately about the multiple benefits of yoga. We currently offer bi-weekly Astanga inspired/vinyasa flow classes at Can Frare Ibiza, on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7 pm. At Can Frare; yoga is taught on the old threshing circles, where grain was once beaten – the threshing circles are called “Eras” in Catalan, so Lana speaks of “Era Yoga!”

Our yoga teacher Lana has studied 500 hours teaching training with Kamal Singh and Sunil Sharmi Ji of tattvaayoga.comPrior to this, Lana was a student of Michael Hamilton, with whom we made this little video The Gift right here in Ibiza

Lana has also continued studying in Ibiza in the ashtanga tradition, with Tomás Manzanedo.

Lana Savic Ibiza farm

Yoga in Ibiza

We have everything ready for yoga retreats and groups, such as

several versatile outdoor spaces, some shaded and some in full sun, suitable for yoga

a fully waterproofed area for practising yoga for 12 guests, when it does rain

dedicated massage therapy areas, for the holistic therapists, whom we work with

outstanding vegetarian catering is available on request

an outdoor cinema for an evening in, with an inspiring moviea full set of yoga mats and blocks is at Can Frare Ibiza for up to 20 people.

Additional excursions, such as sea kayaking for a group, or a guided walk on a beautiful area of the island, arrangeable on request

Can Frare Yoga Retreat Ibiza Underwater yoga
Can Frare Ibiza amazing yoga

Our aim, at Can Frare, is to ensure that your yoga retreat in Ibiza goes smoothly and successfully, allowing you and your group to access all the best that the magic island of Ibiza has to offer. The house offers a set of intimate spaces, both for living as a group of up to 12 people, practising yoga, and enjoying all the natural wonders that Ibiza offers all year round.

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