Can Frare Outdoor Cinema

Can Frare just hosted the last of our 2018 summer outdoor cinema evenings. The large white walls of old Ibizencan fincas, combined with the balmy heat of Ibiza’s summer months, are perfect for open-air screenings. It can be such a joyous and uplifting experience to relax in comfortable daybeds and sofas, with a movie, surrounded by friends. You might occasionally notice the odd shooting star whiz pass overhead.

Can Frare Ibiza outdoor screenings

Outdoor Cinema Ibiza

Can Frare has spacious seating for all our guests at the outdoor cinema, allowing our guests to create a special social night to remember. Can Frare will set up the outdoor screen for you, so you can sit back, relax, maybe with some food, wine or cocktails, perhaps barefoot, and enjoy the movie. We have recently upgraded from showing films on the white walls of Can Frare and are now using a high resolution, professional grade screen. We have a dedicated PA sound system for maximum enjoyment.

Private Outdoor Screening Ibiza

Can Frare has a wide range of movies that you can select from. Perhaps you would let us recommend a film that is new to you which we have enjoyed. Alternatively, Can Frare can stream live sports on the same outdoor cinema screen, so after dark, you can follow your favourite sporting events, at a special private outdoor screening.

A private outdoor screening can be a magical experience, a fun, relaxed social event for friends & family. At Can Frare we take hospitality seriously and are always looking to help our guests enjoy great, memorable experiences.

Outdoor cinema Ibiza
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