Kayaking in Ibiza

This Sunday, we at Can Frare, were delighted, as always, by going out kayaking as a group for a few hours off the coast of Ibiza, with the brilliant help of Kayak Ibiza. Kayak Ibiza provide the kayaks, their intimate knowledge of both Ibiza and kayaking, & select the best routes & launch sites depending on the prevailing weather conditions; all with a smile!

Kayaking in Ibiza is excellent fun

Kayaking in Ibiza is terrific fun – hugely sociable because people relax on the water, where there is plenty of time for a chat while paddling along on the open Mediterranean sea. Kayak Ibiza can provide as many guides as a group size dictates. All the Kayak Ibiza guides are hugely experienced, which brings lots of confidence to novice paddlers or for those new to kayaking. Groups in kayaking can potentially get quite large – it is a perfect way to involve lots of friends & family of most ages & kayaking with friends is always a memorable group experience. Kayaking would be great as part of a wedding week, for example, as people meet in a unique, relaxed atmosphere; there are always lots of smiling faces on the water!


Ibiza kayak on the water Es Vedra

Kayaking in Ibiza is a beautiful way to see this beautiful island. We, in Ibiza, are blessed with on average 300 days of sunshine in a year, which means we can continue going out in kayaks most of the year. The island of Ibiza always looks fantastic from up close in a kayak, & on the water. One can explore Ibiza’s hidden coves and secret beaches, get away from city hassle, reconnect with nature, make & strengthen friendships. One is always free to land on shore again & relax with a picnic or go snorkelling in a sheltered cove.

In a kayak, one feels closer to nature

In a kayak, one feels closer to nature, connected to the sea & the water, much more so than on a larger boat. Kayaking is a direct & engaging experience; there is always the constant touch and movement of the water through the paddles & something going on. In a kayak, one can get close to the shoreline, much closer than on a yacht or even a rib so that one can get a better understanding of the coastline from a kayak. Seabirds and other marine life mostly accept a kayak passing gently by, certainly much more than an engine driven boat, so one will see more nature from a kayak than from other boats. While paddling, one always senses the power of the ocean. Kayaking on the sea can be such a beautiful experience, especially with a group.

There are so many possibilities with kayaking on Ibiza:

Sunset trips.

Exploration of a stretch of coastline.

Listening to the Sunday drumming performance at Benirras from a kayak.

Kayaking out to other islands like Es Vedra or Tago Mago, to name just a few.

Kayaking in Ibiza can be a fantastic experience & we highly recommend it. Fun, social, healthy, & great for groups.

Can Frare is delighted to recommend Kayak Ibiza, who we know can help tailor your exact needs, to ensure that your precious time in Ibiza is joyous, healthy, social and memorable. All the Kayak Ibiza guides are hugely experienced – meaning they have dedicated years on the water around here – and it shows. The most striking thing that one notices about the Kayak Ibiza guides is how happy & relaxed they look, how much they smile & how deeply. All that time on the water has genuinely left its happy mark on their faces – that’s the power of the sea.

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