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Cricket in Ibiza – San Lorenzo

Ibiza Cricket Club pitch from air

Cricket in Ibiza – San Lorenzo

The island of Ibiza is so blessed to be able to build a dedicated cricket pitch. Can Frare Ibiza was honoured to be able to help this project at its foundation phase, as a sponsor, working in collaboration with Ibiza Cricket Club & Cricket España. Can Frare Ibiza laid down the concrete base for the cricket club, which forms the batting area at the new pitch in San Lorenzo, Ibiza. We aim to help facilitate many years of cricket at the amazing new pitch in San Lorenzo, Ibiza.

Ibiza Cricket Club played its inaugural game at the new pitch in San Lorenzo on 12 June 2021. Can Frare Ibiza was thrilled to be able to help at the inception of this great development & could think of nothing more significant than installing the very physical foundations themselves as a form of sponsorship.

We hope that Ibiza will become a great destination for visiting teams to come and play cricket. The island has a thriving amateur cricket scene, with 60 playing members, and we are hosting 25 visiting teams in 2023. With sunshine on 300 days a year, the possibilities for playing cricket are virtually all year round and we would encourage social teams to come for a cricket tour- we will be ready for you ! The club also regularly holds training sessions for children on the island – we have 4 qualified cricket coaches in the team. The Ibiza Cricket Club holds regular training sessions in the nets all year round and currently looks for games, with touring teams, between March and November.

Can Frare Ibiza is also the only private house on the island with a dedicated cricket net on its grounds. We also built this in order to provide a space for the Ibiza team to practice, actually before we had a pitch, to keep the dream of playing cricket here in Ibiza alive! The net was a good first start and from there we got lucky with the pitch itself! Any of our guests, who have a passion for cricket, would be encouraged to make full use of the batting net we have on-site – we can provide a bowling machine & all the equipment that you will need! The cricket net is a great place for some sporting battles, between friends, as part of a holiday.

Batting Net at Can Frare

We have built a purpose-built batting net at Can Frare, to provide a perfect place for the team to train on a regular basis.

The Ibiza Cricket Club holds regular net sessions at Can Frare, as well as playing regularly at the new ground at San Lorenzo, which is a fantastic addition to the island.

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