Hiking the north-west coast of Ibiza

The north-west coast of Ibiza offers stunning opportunities for hikers. All the way between Cala Salada and Port Sant Miguel, a distance of 23 km, there is no road access down to the sea, making this large area perfect for getting away from it all & hiking in nature, often down to the sea in a gorgeous secluded spot.

The landscape is varied, with ancient trails through pine and Sabina forest, sometimes on cliffy outcrops above the sea, but also with the way passing through the agricultural communities of Santa Agnes and Sant Mateu, with their distinctive rich paprika red soil.

Walkers can refresh themselves on secluded beaches, such as the gorgeous Portixol or Cala d’Albarca, where one will most likely be the only person in the crystal clear waters – a far cry from the bustle of the commercial beaches in the south of Ibiza. Ibiza still has many unspoiled wild coves & beaches, best explored by foot or by kayak, especially in Northwest Ibiza.

Hiking in Ibiza – Historic sites of interest

Walkers can incorporate plenty of historic sites of interest en route, such as the stunning Bronze Age cave-dwelling at Sa Cova de Vi, which is a huge cave at the bottom of sea cliffs, or Es Broll, a complex system of water irrigation channels constructed by the Moors about 1000 years ago. Moorish rule, from 902 to 1235, profoundly influenced the agriculture of Ibiza, as the Arabs brought with them more advanced knowledge of agricultural practices, irrigation techniques & plants suitable to grow in the Mediterranean climate such as the lemon tree, the pomegranate and the orange tree.

Unwind in Ibiza

Hiking in Ibiza is a great way to unwind; enjoying the peace & quiet, with stunning views, great trails and the possibility of a quick refreshing dip in the sea if it gets too hot! The north-west coast of Ibiza, in particular, is an area most suited for hikers – stunning views & trails and always offering the prospect of a sunset out to sea. Walking is possible all year in Ibiza, with longer routes more feasible between October and the end of April and, whilst the hot summer months are best for shorter routes either at the end or the beginning of the day.

Can Frare is either happy to suggest a clear detailed route for you, aided by software like View Ranger or Wikiloc, or to organise a guide to take are you on a memorable outing in Ibiza.

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