The Gift

We made this short film with our 3 talented friends, Michael Hamilton, a leading yoga instructor, Jon Clements, an amazing film maker, and Nessim Molder, a highly creative musician. It was all shot locally, mostly at Punta Galera.

The landscape is varied, with ancient trails through pine and Sabina forest, sometimes on cliffy outcrops above the sea, but also with the way passing through the agricultural communities of Santa Agnes and Sant Mateu, with their distinctive rich paprika red soil.

Walkers can refresh themselves on secluded beaches, such as the gorgeous Portixol or Cala d’Albarca, where one will most likely be the only person in the crystal clear waters – a far cry from the bustle of the commercial beaches in the south of Ibiza. Ibiza still has many unspoiled wild coves & beaches, best explored by foot or by kayak, especially in Northwest Ibiza.

Our love of Ibiza

It was meant to reflect our love of Ibiza and its beauty, and the practice of yoga, which has also brought us so much.

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