Winter in Ibiza

December 2018, Winter in Ibiza has been a remarkable time, with cloudless skies, sunshine and unseasonably warm. The almond trees have started to blossom already, which is two months early, & there were still butterflies in the air yesterday. The days have been so clear that we can see the hills of mainland Spain, near Denia, a distance of 45 miles, almost every day, which one does not see in Summer.

Can Frare Winter Pool

Ibizencan Winter

An Ibizencan Winter does not have the same qualities as in Northern Europe; it is not to be feared or wished away, but instead, it is to be enjoyed & savoured. We have been sending pictures to our friends & family in Northern Europe to help them get through Winter – to bring them some rays of sunshine from the South. There is no tradition of cutting down Christmas trees here, to bring something green & living into an otherwise darkened house. The trees here in Ibiza do not lose their leaves in Winter & instead nature is at its splendid best. We do not fear Winter here at all.

Cala D'Albarca Winter

The island slows down, traffic disappears and we are left with the calming beauty of the island. The land is green and lush again, the sea is calm and clear. It is amazingly beautiful and we feel blessed to be here. It is a time for long country walks, kayaking, gardening, admiring the flowers that are still in bloom, sitting by the sea, perhaps watching a sunset. In the evenings, there have been cloudless nights, with the stars and the crescent moon on full display and so we light log fires, with the wood of the forest from above Can Frare.

We hope that these images, which were all taken in the last week just on a simple mobile camera, capture the spirit of the beauty that we see all around us. With these pictures, we hope to inspire and energise the spirit, especially for those perhaps in gloomier Northern European climates. We are truly grateful to be here, part of it, on Ibiza in Winter..

Ibiza Winter sunset

This video which we posted earlier called “The Ibiza Winter Film” was produced by gifted local filmmaker, Ana Maria Sanz. It has the same feeling of wonder & gratitude as this post and our simple pictures. We invite you to enjoy its poetic charm.

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